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Saturday, February 09, 2008


dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah ARTI PARIWISATA

TOURISM can be interpreted as the trip that is carried out repeatedly or goes around in circles from one place to the other place.

Tourism in the modern world essentially is a method of satisfying the requirement for humankind in giving spiritual entertainment and the body after some time works as well as has capital to look around the other area (domestic tourism) or other countries (foreign tourism).

Tourists are someone who carries out the trip at least to the best of your 80 (50 mile) from his house with the aim of recreation, am the definition by the Organisation of world Tourism.
The more complete definition, tourism is the service Industry.
They handle the service beginning with the Transport, the friendliness Service, the Residence, Food-drink, but also like the Bank, the Insurance, the Security, etc..
But also offer the place of the rest, the culture, refugees, the adventure, and the new experience that be different from other.

Many countries, depend many of these tourism industries as the source of the tax and the income for the company that sells the service to tourists.
Because of that the development of this tourism industry is one of the strategies that is used by the Organisation of the Non- Government to promote the certain territory as the area of the tour to increase the trade through the sale of goods and services to the local person.

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