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Friday, February 15, 2008


dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah PETUALANG DUNIA

Marco Polo (1254-1324) is the first person as traveller that explore the European continent to Tiongkok then return to Venesia.

Ibnu Battutah is Egyptians (on June 14 1325), follow the tracks markopolo, depart from Tangier Africa North head Mecca and Medina in the age 22 years.His trip is carried out alone, walk with the distance approximately 75.000 mile for approximately 7 years, with without being realised by him this trip widens the influence of the Islam culture.He is welcomed warm by the family and the Islam community, from the Gangga river to Golden Horn and Mombasa in the south to valqa in the north.Around black people in Mali and yellow people in Tiongkok.He completes his adventure in the date 3 Dzulhijjah 756 or on December 9 1355 and say as follows:

"It is plain to eny man of intelligence that this sheihk is the "traveller" of age, and of we were to say "the traveller for excellence of this our muslem community", he of no exaggeration"

Prince Hendry from Portugal is known as Hendry The Prince the Navigator (1394-1460) often push the progress in the field cartography and the completeness of navigation.
He not the true seaman, but he is good at to appoint the capable officer and to be able to cross the ocean, is supervised by his protection he sends people partugis sail to the Azores island, Africa and Asia including Indonesia.
In the west continent in his time is known as The Great Age of Discovery.
He sent strong wanderers in the XV age among them him appoint Alfonso d'Albuquerque, Vasco already Gama and Fernando deh Magelhaens.

Captain James Cook (1728-1779) a English nation travels around the world (1768-1771), explore the New Hybrid, Selendia Just, Australia the eastern part.
In his trip he makes the map of the trip or crossing venus.

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